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Art Quilts, Antique Quilt Repair, Lectures and Workshops

by Ann Wasserman

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For Quilt Repair Questions
       If you'd like, you can start by sending me a couple of photos, preferably one of the entire quilt and a few details. Also, please tell me the approximate size of the quilt, and what answers you may have to the questions in the "Deciding How to Treat Your Quilt" section on the Quilt Repair page to begin our discussion.
       I have over 30 years of professional experience in quilt care and restoration. Services offered include: reconstruction of holes, patches over worn fabrics, replacing missing quilting or embroidery, preparation for display, vaccuuming, and very occasional washing. I can work on patchwork, appliqué, crazy, and embroidered quilts.
       I can give you my opinion and a rough estimate via e-mail, but I can give a firm estimate only when I see the quilt "in person". I'll ask you to send the quilt, along with the return shipping fee. We can then discuss the estimate and answer any questions you may have. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair, I'll send the quilt right back.

     If you are considering washing your quilt, I recommend following at least these basics for safest results. Full, detailed instructions can be found in my book.
• Handwash in the bathtub. Do not dry clean.
• Use a mild soap without whiteners, softeners, or perfumes. Orvus is often recommended by conservators. Do not use Woolite.
• If you have already used a perfumed soap, please use your time on the wait list to let the quilt air out well before sending to me.
• Rinse at least 6 times. Then, spin in the washer (don’t agitate!) to squeeze out excess water.
• Lay flat to air dry on a plastic drop cloth. Flip regularly. Use a fan in the room to circulate the air.

       I also offer a workshop on quilt repair philosophy and techniques. A description of the "Care and Repair of Antique Quilts" workshop can be found on my Lectures and Workshops page.

For Art Quilt Commissions
       As each commissioned quilt is unique, the design decisions will be based on our conversations covering dimensions, style, color, personal symbols, etc. I will work up a sketch and/or fabric mock-up as needed. Cost is figured on the basis of complexity of design and size.

For Lectures and Workshops
       I can send you more complete information on scheduling, supply lists, room set-up requirements, and fees.

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