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Virtual Workshop


Five Saturdays
3.25 hours per day

Shorter, alá carte options
also available.

Session recordings will be available for two months for make-up and review.

Three ways to register! See "Costs"section below.

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Taking good care of antique and vintage quilts is taking good care of family, textile, and social history. It’s a wonderful journey!

My background in anthropology and archeology has led me to understand how much history and meaning everyday items like quilts can hold. And yet, quilts, like other fiber items, are relatively fragile.

In our time together, I will share my nearly 40 years of learning and experience with quilt restoration and conservation. I offer information useful for quilters, appraisers, collectors, and quilt inheritors.

Workshop Content:

-- Slide lectures.
    (1) philosophies, techniques, and supplies used in restoration and conservation
    (2) fabric history and quilt dating
    (3) supplies and tecniques used in storage, display, and cleaning - guest lecturer Martha Spark
    (4) introduction to supplies and tools
    (5) tips on how to run a quilt repair business

-- Session recordings will be available for two months after the last session.

-- How-to videos of sewing techniques will be posted permanently on YouTube. The links to these are available only to workshop students.

-- A packet of samples of fabrics, pins, needles, etc. used in the sewing, plus a block from an old quilt for practice sewing.

-- Triage sessions, in which each student can present one quilt for discussion of how and when and why to use the various supplies and techniques. All eras and styles are welcome.

-- A hand and shoulder yoga session - by guest teacher Katrina Atkin.

-- One half-hour long, one-on-one session with me. This can be triage of a second quilt, help with sewing techniques, or whatever you feel you need.

-- An on-going community of workshop alums with monthly share and chat sessions.

Workshop Logistics:

-- The workshop will be presented via Zoom. You will be invited to a pre-workshop meeting so you can practice logging in and/or drop by to say hello.

-- Some hand sewing experience will be helpful, especially appliqué and running stitches, but not required.

-- Maximum class size: 15. We can get to know each other and have time for questions and discussions.

-- My book, Preserving Our Quilt Legacy: Giving antique quilts the special care they deserve, will illustrate and remind you of the basics that this workshop both teaches and builds upon. You may order a copy via the AnnQuilts Shop at Square.

Alá Carte Offerings:
If you prefer less time commitment.

-- Some of the lectures are available as alá carte selections.
-- You can schedule a one-hour one-on-one session with me. This can be a stitching lesson or a quilt triage discussion.
-- Alá carte registrations do not include any of the other class sessions or supplies or online material.

• Five Saturdays
• Upcoming dates TBA
• Two sessions per day
• North American time zones:
    10:00-11:45am and 12:30-2:00pm (Pacific)
    11:00am-12:45pm and 1:30-3:00pm (Mountain)
    Noon-1:45pm and 2:30-4:00pm (Central)
    1:00-2:45pm and 3:30-5:00pm (Eastern)


Full workshop - $350.
-- 16 class hours of lectures, demonstrations, and quilt repair triage sessions
-- YouTube stitching lessons, access to recorded sessions, sample supplies packet, informative downloads, one half-hour private session, etc.

• New this year:
Full workshop - Bring a Friend or Relative option - $550.
Two people registering together get a discounted price of $550 for two, which is $275 each. You do not need to live in the same place, but you do need to register at the same time. You'll find an item in the shop for this special registration. Please also email me with contact information (email address, mailing address, phone) for both people at the time of your registration. annquilts@comcast.net

Alá carte lectures
    • One lecture - $30.
    • Two lectures - $55.
    • All three lectures - $80.
    Each lecture is one hour + short break + Q&A, 1 3/4 hours total

-- Lecture topics:
1. “Quilt Repair Tales” 
Stories, philosophies, and techniques gathered over 30 years of repairing quilts.
2. “How Old Is It?”
Clues to dating vintage and antique quilts.
3. “Quilt Care and Preservation” - by Martha Spark
Storage, display, and cleaning.

-- All lectures are at: 10:00am Pacific – 11:00am Mountain - Noon Central - 1:00pm Eastern

Alá carte one-on-one sessions:
    • $50 per one-hour lesson with Ann Wasserman - date and time TBA
-- Content: stitching lesson (techniques, supplies, etc.) -or- quilt triage session (pattern identification, date of quilt, choices for restoration or conservation of the quilt, guidelines for cleaning, storage, etc.)

• Registration and payment is via the AnnQuilts Shop at Square

Meet the instructors:

Ann photo -- Ann Wasserman has nearly 40 years experience with quilt restoration and conservation. She is the author of the book Preserving Our Quilt Legacy: Giving antique quilts the special care they deserve. Full resumé.
Martha phoot -- Guest lecturer Martha Spark has over 30 years experience working with historic textiles in the museum environment. She was Collections Manager at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. She has been a professional quilt restorer for almost 20 years. Full resumé.








You can also meet me on the Just Wanna Quilt podcast!

Contact for further information:
-- Ann Wasserman - annquilts@comcast.net

PDF of Quilt Restoration Workshop flyer will be available, for your reference, or to share with your friends. Download.

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